Healthy livestock; without antibiotics
Antibiotics Reduction Plan It's about details

Healthy livestock; without antibiotics!

Bio enterprise is a leading party when it comes to the reduction of antibiotics. Simply because we regard it to be an absolute necessity!

The best way of avoiding antibiotics is to prevent animals from becoming sick. Good nutrition, great natural resistance, effective hygiene and nutritional supplements. All measures which prevent illness and therefore reduce the need for antibiotics.

Bio enterprise has carefully selected products focused on minimum deployment of antibiotics. Products which are preventive but particularly also deployed curatively. Products which reinforce the health and natural resistance of animals.


Use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are widely used in the Dutch livestock sector. However, their careless and repeated use has proven to be risky. The increase in bacteria resistant to antibiotics is alarming: farms and farmers contracting MRSA bacteria with all the subsequent consequences for (public) health. One of the causes is the increased use of antibiotics in livestock farming. In the period from 1999 to 2007, this increase reached 83%, and has luckily been considerably decreased by 58% from 2009 to 2015, thanks to public-private cooperation, for example.



The essential reduction of antibiotics is no mean feat. To begin with, this concerns veterinary medicine administered when a veterinary surgeon deems it necessary. An effective relationship between the vet and farmer, and a healthy farm treatment plan can contribute to the reduction of antibiotics.



Successful reduction often requires a change in operational management. One of the key words in realising such a reduction is ‘prevention’. Preventive measures to avoid illness will result in less sickly animals and therefore less use of antibiotics.


Antibiotics Reduction Plan

The Antibiotics Reduction Plan provides support for realisation of operational management which combines social responsibility with a commercial business model. Its emphasis lies on the minimum use of antibiotics due to careful selection of products in keeping with the operational management system. It is deployed preventively but especially also curatively.