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Bio Enterprise team

The team of bio enterprise has a great deal of knowledge about the agricultural sector. We know exactly what’s going on. Our specialists are therefore happy to share their knowledge with you and give you tailored advice. In this way, you will benefit from our expertise and years of experience.


Your advantage: extra knowledge to advise your customers optimally!


Rudie Loohuis


Gerald Gritter

Head of purchase

Wilko Dubbink

Head of sales

Jack van Mensvoort

Sales manager Animal Health

Jasmijn van Wakeren

Product manager Feed

Lianne van Harten

Quality manager

Jacob Seinen


Monique Sulmann

Marketing & content

Ruben Assen

Online marketeer

Hans Dekker


Frank Kolkman


Margreet de Boer

Account manager NL (N)

Adrie Hofstra

Account manager NL (S) & BE

Nico Rolleman

Head of salessupport

Maaike Schutte

Sales support

Alette Pullen

Sales support

Arjan Regeling

Technical support

Johnny Broekhuis

Head of logistics

Arjan Boers

Warehouse logistics

Rolf van der Veen

Warehouse logistics

Robin Lamberink


Peter Herssevoort


Geertje Lusseveld

Facility services