Go for 2 extra lactations!
bio health It's about details
More and vitaler piglets
bio health It's about details
Healthy poultry, more efficiency
bio health It's about details
Improved efficiency in sheep
bio health It's about details

bio health

The bio health programme of bio enterprise helps keep animals healthy. As we all know, healthier animals are more productive and more profitable. However, healthy livestock (cattlepigspoultry and sheep/goat) are also vital with a view to sustainable production and animal welfare!


Keep your livestock healthy using bio health

Thanks to our practical experience and research, we have detailed knowledge of how to keep animals healthy and have them perform optimally. Timely detection of pain/bottlenecks (pain, discomfort, disappointing production results) and preventive measures where necessary must never be underestimated.


We’re pleased to help you with every detail, as that’s often what makes the difference. It’s all about details!