The basis for sustainable livestock farming is calf rearing
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Give young cattle sufficient and correct attention!
bio health cattle It's about details
Mother and daughter are both vulnerable
bio health cattle It's about details
Early failure is at the expense of efficiency
bio health cattle It's about details

bio health cattle

A sustainable herd is essential to ensure the future of any dairy farm, and an important component within that sustainability aspect is the working life of dairy cows. On average, today’s dairy cows are economically viable for approximately three lactations. We are convinced that the sector can take a major step forward in terms of sustainability and profitability if the working life of dairy cows can be extended.

A longer working life translates into:

  • decreased rearing costs per litre of milk
  • fewer young cattle needing to be reared
  • more milk being produced within the current phosphate norms


bio health cattle programme: increasing performance

The bio health cattle programme was developed on the basis that working life and animal health are closely related. The programme therefore focuses strongly on the initial months of calf rearing and on the transition period, as these are the most risky periods for animal health. And so the programme not only features products to improve your animals’ performance, but they’re also particularly focused on the vulnerable moments in a calf’s and a cow’s life, such as the initial weeks of the calf (colostrum and calf milk phase), the rearing phase up to the first insemination, the start of lactation and the peak lactation.



We help dairy farmers achieve sustainable production by keeping the animals healthy and therefore increasing the lifetime production per cow. If there are warning signs, timely adjustment of details can work wonders.


We’re pleased to help you with every detail, because it’s about details!