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Calving at 23 months should become the norm
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Metabolically programmed calves can grow faster
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Insemination with 12 months is possible
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In the modern-day dairy business, the target is to have heifers calve at 23 months. This requires expert attention for the calves throughout the rearing period.


Timely detection and adjustment of risk factors

After the milk feed period, many farms register a dip in the calves’ development. This is often due to stress because of new housing, the change in feed, insufficient rumen development, outdoor grazing, etc. This growth dip can be avoided through detailed adjustment. If the calf rearing process is effective, insemination can take place earlier. In some cases, insemination can even take place from the age of 12 months.


Calving at 23 months

Calving two months earlier (preferably at 23 months) easily results in a saving of tens of euros’ feed costs per animal. When translated in terms of the complete herd, this can considerably reduce annual feed costs.

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