Mother and calf need extra attention
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Immediately after calving, add energy, moisture and minerals!
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Restarting eating as soon as possible
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Adjusting where it is needed
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One of the greatest challenges facing dairy farms is to achieve a smooth transition period, in order for the cows to start the following lactation without problems.


Transition period is a vulnerable one

A vulnerable period in the life of the dairy cow is the time around calving. Considerable changes are taking place after all, including the birth of the calf, triggering of the milk production and food ration changes. It is therefore hardly surprising that problems can occur during this transition period.


Extra energy required around calving

Directly after calving, it is essential that dairy cows begin feeding again as quickly as possible. This gives the cow renewed energy, vitamins and minerals which are so essential immediately after calving.


A dairy cow can be compared with an Olympian, for whom every last detail is important, alongside an effective balanced diet. This helps keep control of important risks such as milk fever, extended milk fever, udder and hoof infections. If a cow is lost after only one lactation, the costs of rearing the animal are not yet covered. Keeping dairy cows producing sustainably is therefore extremely important for farm profitability.

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