A dairy cow is like a top athlete!
bio optiMilk It's about details
A balanced diet is of great importance
bio optiMilk It's about details
Pay attention to udder health, claws and fertility
bio optiMilk It's about details
Early dairy cattle drop-out costs money
bio optiMilk It's about details

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Once a dairy cow is producing well in the new lactation, we want her to continue to perform optimally. Timely gestation is an important factor.

Vital areas of attention are:

  • Is there a good balance of minerals?
  • How about the udder health?
  • And the digestive system, is the rumen working optimally?
  • And the hoof health?


Treat dairy cows like Olympians!

A dairy cow can be compared with an Olympian, for whom every last detail is important, alongside an effective balanced diet. It is essential to make timely and detailed adjustments in risk factors.


Sustainability is a win-win situation

If we can improve calf rearing and extend the working life of dairy cows, we will take major steps forward in the sustainability and profitability of dairy farms. Keeping dairy cattle productive for longer is extremely profitable. Would you like to know what you can earn?

The products below help to optimize milk yield:

  • topro Fertitop bolus
  • topro Mammitop bolus
  • topro High Trace bolus
  • topro Magnesium bolus
  • topro HoofTop bolus

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bio optiMilk