More live born piglets per sow
bio health pigs It's about details
Healthy and vital piglets: the basis for profitable business operations
bio health pigs It's about details
Animals perform better in a clean environment
bio health pigs It's about details
organic health pigs for optimal animal performance!
bio health pigs It's about details

bio health pigs

In recent years, pig farming has been characterised by minimum margins and great societal pressure. The technical results of a farm must be excellent in order to continue to be profitable despite the low returns. This can be achieved, for example, when animal health is optimal. And so animal health forms the basis for good operating results.


Health and vitality has priority in pig farming!

In pigs, animal health starts with the birth of the piglets. Top priority must be given not only to the litter size but also to the health and vitality of the sow and piglets. In porkers, nutrition and digestion plays an important role in animal health. Products such as organic acids are often used in order to optimise digestion, though their effectiveness tends to vary greatly in practice. Once again, it’s all in the details.


Fertility is a logical consequence of healthy animals

Fertility is extremely important in sow farming, and greatly influences the operating results. Keeping the sow in good condition, with appropriate feeding for each life phase, will ensure timely gestation and healthy piglet production. An optimum balance of vitamins and minerals is also essential, and requires an eye to detail.


Optimum performance due to effective hygiene

Hygiene is an aspect which must never be overlooked throughout the pig farming sector. Plenty of attention is required for cleaning and maintenance of stalls and the interior. The drinking water too must be clean and free from any form of pollution if animals are to stay healthy and perform optimally.


We’re pleased to help you with every detail, because it’s about details!

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