Animal health: the basis for profitable operations
bio health poultry It's about details
Animals perform better in a clean environment
bio health poultry It's about details
Good drinking water quality is essential!
bio health poultry It's about details
bio health poultry for optimal animal performance!
bio health poultry It's about details

bio health poultry

In poultry farming, animal health forms the basis for profitable operations. This applies to both meat chicks and layers. At the same time, there is societal pressure on the poultry sector to farm as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible. Various concepts for poultry have therefore been introduced in order to farm meat chicks and layers in a more sustainable manner. Hygiene also plays an important role in poultry farming, as optimum performance is only possible when the hygiene of the barn, interior and drinking water is excellent.


Good nutrition and hygiene absolutely essential

The bio health poultry programme focuses on nutrition and hygiene. The animals’ food rations must of course be correct, though the appropriate use of supplements can provide even better support for digestion and health. An important factor is that the right products are deployed at the right time. This also applies to the hygiene factor. Particular attention is required for drinking water quality, as this has a major influence on health and performance. Good drinking water quality can be guaranteed thanks to the use of suitable cleaning and disinfectant agents. However, a close eye must be kept on the products to be deployed. Once again, an eye to detail is needed.


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