Animal health: the basis for profitable operations
bio health sheep & goats It's about details
Healthy and vital animals are key!
bio health sheep & goats It's about details
Animals perform better in a clean enviroment
bio health sheep & goats It's about details
bio health for optimal animal performances!
bio health sheep & goats It's about details

bio health sheep & goats

In the Netherlands, sheep and goats are kept for both the production of milk and wool, as well as for the hobby. In both cases, the animals must be healthy. Nutrition, care (including also worm control) and hygiene are of great importance.

bio Health sheep & goat programm: performance enhancing

Especially in sheep and goats that are kept for production, the nutrition is of great importance. Many of the animals are asked for. Problems such as chronic milk disease therefore occur regularly. The vitamin and mineral balance also requires attention. Obviously, the feeding of hobby animals is also of great importance, but because fewer of these animals are asked, the need of the animal is often less.

In addition to food, hygiene is also important. Hygiene of housing, especially around the lammer time, helps to give young lambs a good start. But also the quality of the drinking water is essential for optimal performance of animals. In sheep and goats, too, attention to detail is needed to get healthy animals.

We think about every detail, because It’s about details!

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