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GMP certified

GMP stands for good manufacturing practice and is a quality system which ensures the production of safe feed, and consequently safe foodstuffs. bio enterprise holds a GMP certificate for the B3 scope: Trade, collection and storage/transshipment


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The quality of animal feed can never be completely safeguarded through simple analysis of its composition. It is not possible to detect all possible impurities, nor to analyse every gram of feed. The quality can therefore only be guaranteed if the entire production process is accurately prescribed and conducted in a controlled manner. This manner of production, known as Good Manufacturing Practice, is therefore a requirement.

As far as bio enterprise is concerned, GMP+ means that we conduct the necessary quality control processes in collaboration with our suppliers, that all our animal feed products can be accurately and quickly traced and that we follow the necessary internal procedures in order to guarantee the quality of our products.


Succesful extension audit; certified once again!

Early in 2017, bio enterprise underwent an extension audit for the GMP+ quality system. This audit was successfully completed and we have since received our new certificate, valid until March 2020.