Your agri specialist for more than 30 years
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More than 7.000 agricultural products directly available
bio enterprise wholesaler It's about details
In-house technical service for grinding, maintenance and repair
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98% extradition rate
bio enterprise wholesaler It's about details

bio enterprise wholesaler

Healthy animals that perform well. That’s what bio enterprise, agri-wholesaler, represents. Whether it concerns cattle, pigs, horses, sheep/goat, poultry or pets, we offer you products of the highest quality. From hoof-paring knives and electrical fences to moisture-proof cream, food supplements and examination gloves. As a wholesaler in cattle and animal materials, we select high-quality products from prominent companies. You only want the best after all. We couldn’t agree more!


Agri-wholesaler with in-house expertise

bio enterprise is not simply a wholesaler. We have vast in-house expertise in the agricultural sector, and know the precise ins and outs of the market. Our specialists are therefore delighted to share their knowledge with you and to provide tailored advice. And so you benefit from our expertise and vast experience.


Your advantage: extra knowledge to advise your customers optimally!


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